Sunday, 12 February 2017

Star Anatomy

Shimmering lip gel
Vermilion redness of a setting sun
Trembling, charred lips camouflaged
Favoured tissues, smothering the lips

Rejoicing every signature

Bruised heart, jinxed fate mourning

Lonesome soul, a few cigarette crushed
Sunken eyes, purple scars

Bed sheet scrambled, old scotch trampled
Sleeping pills, 
diamond rings,Wet old pillow choked to tears
Placid purse, flock of cards

Stardom left

Some overdose pills

Some leftover sins

Another broken soul on a heavenly trip

Life was a battle underneath the lustre

And you said “I was a star”
published- emagazine "Fragrance"



  1. Heroine movie comes to my mind after reading your poem. Excellent wordplay. Evokes strong emotions.

    1. Thanks a lot Saru for the good words,that too coming from you.

  2. This is some serious word-usage. Brilliant!


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