About Me!

It's all about what I love to do...it's all about what gives me high, it's all about what drives me, it's about who I am. A post Graduate in English, I have always loved my subject. My thoughts, imaginations and knowledge have got a better understanding due to my passion for the subject. A Blogger/Writer/Content Strategist/Manuscript writer/Book Reviewer/Travel freak/Nature observer I give my best shot when pen it down. My works have been published in various forums, books,anthology and  news prints.Excelling in my passion and taking it one step forward everyday is my dream.  When I don't write I do a few other things from my routine life. Words are my life and I play with them. I don't get bored at all as I believe there are so many things to pursue, life is short, hold on  to them, chisel it,  tune it  perfectly and live happily with those strings ever after.

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