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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Who cares about the "Superwoman" tag?

Men to the left because women are always right”
“Behind every successful man there is a woman”
“Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice”

Why does a woman have to be right always, why does a woman have to carry all   the good omen or ill luck for a man’s success story, Isn’t’ he his own architect? And last but not the least does she  need to have all the sugar and spice elements rolling from her head, heart and body ... common tread on to the nearby bakery shop for that;)

Why do we coin women to be always a role model, a memorial of perfection, figure of righteousness, a virtuous soul, a fairer sex and and a stimulant for all the men ;)

She is a daughter, she is a mother, she is a wife, a friend, a philosopher, a business women, an entrepreneur, an artist who ever but she has a her own  share of vice and virtues, her own chunks of excellence and flaws, she may be an excellent mother but she might not perform always great as an entrepreneur, she might paint exquisitely but she might  roll on a curvy “Roti”once in a while, she may excel someday in her presentation and she might just have her words go all awry  in one of her  speech. She can fumble, she even can have the worst of hairdo, and she might find no waistline while she checks on to the latest pair of denims... Its o.k., she might also be just as pale on some days without onlookers passing on judgements or she might have tears rolling reminiscing old tales from her childhood once in a while without being inspirited about her courage and powerhouse potency.

Who said she would instil all the courage in her man always, she might have had those unspoken agonies in her heart, she herself was longing for some courage.

She loved to wander many days scot free, her hair fizzy, she had not put on those mascara’s and lip colour, she did not desire to look good, she did not crave for acknowledgement for her waist, belly, hands, feet, face even her gesture, she played in that garden, wore her old mini skirt, spread her hands  without the slightest  of anguish, even her body swayed just the way she wanted ...and nobody looked, nobody stared, nobody noticed.

So this is a world we wish we had for women, the world  where she is a mere human being, simple,bare,plain just in her truest a bird, like a butterfly or just like a human...leave aside the tags of “superwoman” “perfect woman”  “Goddess

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