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Friday, 24 May 2013

When I met my best friend...I believed in colours!

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When I met best friend...I believed in colours!

I was a young lady when I first met my best friend. Sounds quite absurd isn’t it? Many find their best pals in school, some in college but mine was a little different story.

Life was not moving in the usual pace after some tragic event in my life, lonliness and boredom had engulfed me. Life had lost all its colours, the grey shadow of pall and gloom was always hovering around me. My mood swings and my restless mind were in no mood to believe in beautiful metaphors of life.

I used to sit hours in my lonely bedroom stretching my eyes in the wide horizon questioning about my fate, about my loneliness. Life was a melancholic song sung by some idiot. I started believing life as a horny path filled with stones and pebbles and I earnestly desired to take shelter underneath those stones and pebbles.

My daily mundane life began with my office and ended in those horrid cubicles, just a superficial smile, eyes dazed, mind lost, always looking for somebody to confine. The day ended by wrapping myself and marching towards those lanes of my altar to be buried in those endless comforting pages of my diary.
One fine day accompanied by a good friend of mine got introduced to someone. Days passed, routine life continued but suddenly somehow again got a chance to talk (chat). Initially I was so engrossed in my own thoughts that no other thoughts came to my mind. It was virtual chats for short periods. Suddenly one fine morning I had this intense urge of taking my heart out ,initially it would have been those pages in my diary but this time my hand automatically got hold of the laptop and there I was typing my heart out...why, when, what...I did not know, I did not want to know.


Days passed I started believing him as one of my closest friend, I could speak my heart out without those inhibitions and prejudice. I could make him listen to me; I could feel his presence though he was not present somewhere near. He was far away from me.

 We shared contact details. He used tell me “where were you since these years I had so much to tell you my friend.” He could share his deepest secrets with me,  what would I say about myself, I had those massive  outpourings which were so deep-rooted, all it  needed was some mammoth  outbursts, we spoke, we chatted, we were lost in mere words. None of us had seen each other but had started sharing cards of “best friends”  “long lost friends”  “Friends forever."  "Virtual best friends" were we we term but I did not want to see him, if words gifted boundless peace then why does on need to use other senses. Life was colourful, mere words, words of love, words of hope, words of life, and words of joy, made me ejaculate the phrase “Life is beautiful.”

And one fine morning he said “if we are best friends, we  should meet.” and the rest is history.

He still is my Best Friend but the virtual concept does not appeal to me anymore as I love being with him, in his arms,  the most loving friend till today but my daughter has a major share today of my best friend. I definitely believe in the phrase “life is colourful and so are you my friend!”

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  1. heyy .. nice post... i also meet my best friend under same circumstances...
    would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin. my writting blog..


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